Action Zipline Tours are the most exciting way to experience thrill weather permitting and real adventure. BGS Travel offers zipline tour includes an off-road ride two miles into the forest the river or even towers such as Milad tower in Tehran with high-speed zipline lines that run down the mountain for the most avid thrill-seekers, a beautiful suspension bridge with stunning views of Valley as a backdrop for it all, Action Zipline Tours is truly an adventure. Our all-inclusive tour is outdoor recreation at its best, and it’s most exclusive.So whether you’re planning a  team-building zipline tour for a large group, or you’re looking for something new to try with your family, Action Zipline Tours are the perfect way to spend your day in the mountains or a Special , unique fly on Tochal Valley with zip line tour , a fearless ,exiting sport and rushes your adrenalin.
Zip Line Resort is a new sport that have been originated recently in Iran, where people can go to zipline camps or to a big mountain hill and valley or even a Tower in City; from a cable and hang on to it. Campgrounds ZipLine Resort has taken over mountains or forests by taking a lot of people who want to experience trill without fear and then return it to a previous location by a string of zip line cable.

BGS Travel is providing different kinds of adventure tours and zipline is one of them, also our adventure group suggests you special zipline tours mentioned below:
zip line Tour , Kian Natanz (Isfahan): The city of Natanz, capital of the city of Natanz, is one of the historical and central gardens of Iran, located in the province of Isfahan also in the middle way of  Kashan to Isfahan on the slopes of the mountainous Karkas and northwest of Ardestan. Access to Natanz is possible through the old road of Kashan, Natanz and Isfahan, Natanz, as well as the Freeway of Kashan-Natanz-Isfahan and the South Tehran Transit Road. In this exciting tour o, travelers who wish to try the zip line in a mountainous and attractive atmosphere can use  Harness and climbing tunic, Straps and carbines that is connected to the pulley. The spool is placed on a towed wire that is connected between two points, and passengers are hovering at the speed of the zip line.

Ramsar Telecom Line Zipper: Ramsar Zip Tray is one of the most exciting parts of the Ramsar Recreation Complex located on the top of the mountain and in the forest of the Ilmlye Forest. It is a 450-meter long exhilaration safari that consists of three zippered lines and two wooden suspended bridges. Passengers will walk past each zipper line and walk past the narrow, wooden bridge that passes through the valley and reach the next zip line. Travelers applying for this safari are ready to experience unforgettable moments after training and wearing special suits.

Milad Tower Zipper line:Experiencing Zipper Line with  Recreation Complex and Milad Tower Suspended Tower. Walking on the tallest and first recreation wood bridge and flying above it would be magnificent experience of life without any fear .