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BGS Travel handbook: BGS Travel agency as a leading tour operator in Iran , provides comprehensive and facilitated services for groups and individuals from and to the county, tourists from different countries around the world can get benefited from our medical and beauty, legal advice on the purchase and sale of property and construction development. […]


We believe that life is a great adventure and our world is filled with amazing experiences. We seek out these experiences and create affordable ways to share them with our customers and the providing all MICE business travel services and facilities plus incredible tours all throughout Iran we strive to provide excellent service to […]


BGS Travel offers Iran transport services such as car rental, airport transfers and booking trains and flight tickets. Also there are some transportation companies that anyone can easily download the application on their cell phones to get faster and chipper transport in the city , named as Snap and some other. Maybe getting around a […]


Around Iran BGS travel has a local tour company based in all around Iran. We offer cultural tours of Iran that highlight the best of our country. At Around Iran we work hard to make your trip a unique experience, and to ensure that your journey will be one you will treasure forever. We offer […]


You cannot have fun if you do not also have peace of mind. Host in Iran which is a must-see destination for world travelers , your tour will take you to modern , safe and luxury Iran Five Star International Hotels .In the region , anywhere in the country ,travelers can find either Caravanserais , […]


All nationalities traveling to Iran, except for seven countries, need to arrange a visa in advance or take a risk on getting a 15-day visa on arrival at an airport. US, Canadian and British citizens need to pre-arrange a tour or private guide, or be sponsored by a friend or relative in Iran who will […]