Bushehr Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran with the population of 743,675 from which 53% are registered as urban inhabitant, 44.8% villagers and the remaining 0.2% are unsettled people. It is in the south of the country, with a long coastline onto the Persian Gulf. Its center is Bandar-e-Bushehr, the provincial capital. The province has nine counties: Bushehr, Dashtestan, Dashti, Dayyer, Deylam, Jam, Kangan, Ganaveh and Tangestan. In 2005, the province had a population of approximately 816,115 people.

With 27,653 square kilometers, and with 60 kilometers sea border, the province of Bushehr is located on the south-west of Iran , and on the persian Gulf. Thus this province has remarkable strategic importance for the country ,one of the chief ports of Iran and the whole region. The province is consisted of 7 districts which are: Bushehr, Dashti, Daylam, Kangan, Genaveh and Tangistan. The provincial capital and the administrative center of the province and also  is, handling about 75% of Iran’s foreign trade, and is the terminus of a trade route from Shiraz,Esfahan, and Tehran. An oil center for the region, Bushehr has thermoelectric and nuclear power plants and a fishing industry. Carpets, agricultural products, cotton, and wool are exported.

Bushehr was founded in 1736 by Nadir Shah. It was used by the British as a base for their Persian Gulf fleet in the 18th cent. and became a major commercial port in the 19th cent. It suffered heavy damage during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s.

The weather on the Persian cost of the province is very warm and humid, while the other parts of the province are very warm and dry. There are two distinguishable seasons in the province, the winter, with moderate to cold which usually start from November and lasts to March. The summer is very hot and long season, while the spring and the autumn seasons are very short . The average of the temperature in the province is 24C degree, the absolute high was recorded at 50C degree, while the lowest was recorded at 6C degree. The average temperature of the coldest month of the year was recorded at 15C degree in the city of Bushehr, and from the middle of May till the middle of October (for 140 days), the temperature usually raise up to 40C degree . And during 5 months of the winter, While a large part of Iran and most northern Europe and America are usually covered with plenty of snow, the sunny beautiful cost of Bushehr is suitable for holiday and relaxation. This city of sunshine and see with its famous port can offer travelers and tourists more including its historical and cultural places to discover and the most interesting part of its culture is the Bushehr Folk Music.

Bushehr is not just famous for its strategic location of the city and its important port  But  the differentiations of the culture and the Bushehr folk music also increases its tourism attraction . Following are explanation about the main natural and tourism characteristics of the districts and the towns of the province for anyone who aims to  travel to bushehr , you can use many kinds of facilities and networks such as airplane, boat, ship, and road. The province is facilitated also by many kinds of hotels and restaurants .

Kangan: The district of Kangan is located on the south-east of the province , on the persian Gulf cost . Bandar (port) Taheri (400 AH) was important port in this area. Bandar Syraf is located there and it was one of the most import ants during the Estakhri, and Maqdesi. Many ancient elements are left in this district which can be visited . There are also many hot water springs there such as Meyanloo, north to Kangan.

Daylem: The district of Daylem is located on the northern part of the province, on the persian Gulf cost, and its center is the town of Daylem. There are many remaining elements from the ancient ports Mihr and Ban, with 24 kilometers distance north to Daylem and Seeneez port . The history of this district and its towns and ports are equal to the history of the district of Genaveh.

Tangistan: Tangistan is one of the districts of Bushehr and its center is the town Ahrum.The well Known castle of Tangistan is located in this district. It is told that the village “Taddomery” was welknown for the famous traders of Central Asia who were called Tadmeir , It is acceptable that the traders of Ashour, Akad , the vinicians the Tudmories were active on this part of the Persian Gulf cost . The most important places to visit there are as following:
Chashmeh Ab Garm (hot water spring) Ahrum.
Chashmeh Ab Garm (hot water spring) Mirahmed which is located on the road from Ahrum to Khormoj.
Chashmeh Ab Garm (hot water spring) Quchak which is is located in Ahrum.
Qala (castle) Zar Khezer Khan which is located north to Abrum.

Dashtestan: Dashtestan is located 1147 kilometers to Tehran . It is located north to Bushehr , and its weather is very hot and humid. Its old name was “Shabankareh” which was a part of the fars Srate some times ago. The center of the area was an old town called Eij, which was famous for its date and orange. The town of Borazjan is one of the important towns of the district which was one of its strong castles.
some parts of this castle can be visit as well as other places such as the following:
h Cheshmehaye Ab Garm (hot water springs) Dalki, Borazjan and Khaneek.
h Kakh Korosh (The Syrous palace), and Kakh (palace) bardak Seyah.
 Dejo-Qala (castle) Borazjan.
h Mantaqeh Bastani (Ancient Region) Tooz.
h Ab Anbar (water store) Derakht.
h Talhaye (hills) Telesmi and Marv.
h Char (cave) Chehel Khaned which is located north to Saad Abad.