Aradan city is one of the cities of Semnan province which is located on the west of Garmsar city and east to Sorkheh city and from the  north is limited to Tehran .Aradan in the city center and is devided into two deprtments and four villages.the city in famouse for its ancient and historical villages and its Markets too .also In the city is an ancient village called Pade which has the most historical sites and castels from ancient time.

Pada village is one of the most important and historic villages of Aradan city, which has been remarkably rich in recent past due to its historical location of silk. This long-lasting boom created and built many public and communal buildings in the village, many of which have remained so well-preserved.In addition, the preservation of the village’s historical texture and the existence of old residential buildings at the village level attract the attention of every visitor. Now there are two baths in Padeh that each date back to 250 years before.
1-General bathroom 2-Bathtub  Haj Gholam Reza Torabi
The castle,Pada castle , Aradan Bazar, Imamzadeh, Ridge, Mosque, Bath, Refrigerator, Hawz, Water Warehouse and a number of valuable residential buildings are considered to be the most important historical works of the village that have given this village a special place.