Aqua Tours

BGS travel offers special Aqua tours in our two magnificent ,beautiful island located on the southern Iran .Use the Kish Tour and Qeshm Tour to visit beautiful beach towns and enjoy the beautiful views of Kish and Qeshm’s attractions along the beautiful beaches of Kish and Qeshm.

Kish island diving tour: Kish is an oval island with an area of about 90 square kilometers and a length of fifteen and a width of seven kilometers southwest of Bandar Abbas and among the glacial waters of the Persian Gulf. The maritime distance from the island to Port Length is 50 miles offshore. Kish Island is one of the most prosperous areas of the Persian Gulf, and it is safe to say that the coral reefs of the eastern part of Kish Island are among the richest and most beautiful areas and the most favorable diving sites in our country.
The island’s coral cover is located on the east coast of the island, which is visited by many dive enthusiasts every year. Diving in Kish Island is possible throughout the year, and the shallow islands of the island are very suitable for diving everyone, even beginners. Also, the existence of diving training centers in Kish has turned the island into a polygraph of the country.
This fantastic tour showcases the 2 important sights in the Kish Island area diving, jet-skiing, cycling, Kish Kariz Qanat, Greek ship. Enjoy a fun-filled day of exploring the greater Kish Island area with a truly local guide who will share all of the information and secrets you could ever wish to learn abbeauty brings joy to every human being .

Ghesm Island Aqua Tour: Qeshm Island The largest island of the Persian Gulf, also known as the Seven Wonderland, is one of the most important tourist hubs in the south of the country, with its important commercial harbors, its natural and historic attractions. The variety of natural attractions on the island of Qeshm is so diffrent that you may not be able to visit all of them, but having a list of the best programs you can have on this beautiful island will help you to surf.
travel to the underwater world is the most exciting and unique experience for adventurers.
If you are looking for an exciting experience in the underwater world, diving on Qeshm Island is one of the best options. The best time to dive on this island is April, but you can have an exciting experience in other seasons except winter due to the coldness of the water.
another adventure tour advised to travelers is The Golden Dolphin School , one of the best diving schools in which you can learn a diving with a two-hour training. There are jets on the water and Banna from other interesting and exciting attractions on Qeshm Island. extreme tubes are one of the most exciting marine sports that are done in single and single-seater mode, you ride on these tubes, and you’ll be dragged with radar boats (boat jets) at a very high speed over the sea, and you experience an indescribable excitement. An exciting new experience on Parasol water is also a new entertainment that you can experience on the island of Qeshm. You are riding on a parasol umbrella and speeding up a boat to get up the hill. Experience the thrill and the unbelievable tranquility in the blue sky and on the clear waters of the Persian Gulf, with Paracelsus.