About BGS

About BGS

Behshad Gasht Safiran Travel agency is a leading tour operator in Iran, providing comprehensive and facilitated services for groups and individuals from and to the county. for more than a million tourists from different countries around the world and is providing special services to special consumers such as medical and beauty, legal advice on the purchase and sale of property, construction development, import and export and holding special exhibitions too.

Our quality services are delivered by providing services relying on our specialist force and high experience, focusing on our client’s requirements with the aim of coordinating with them in order to provide everyone’s complete satisfaction. we are aware of our client’s rights and our lawyers can inform travelers about their rights with no hesitation, any time required.

In this regard, we also offer entire services from consolidated travel purchases to regional or global support by our professional consultants and lawyers who are available any time to give law advises and even make your contracts safe and easy.

Since BGS’s establishment in year 2012, we are honored to work with great vibrant, dynamic and young, high potential group who are aware of today’s smart generation travelers demands in the field of travel and tourism industry.

It’s worth mentioning that, we are proudly one of the few organizations that can provide totally standard, flexible and efficient incoming and outgoing travel services professionally. We are handling places, people and customs through expert guides, modern transportation, quality hotels, adventured tours and other key vendors.